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Polar Premium

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

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Elevate Your Pool Heating
Discounted Price:$5,400.00$12,600.00

Polar ProMax

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Pre-Order - Almost Sold Out

Uncompromised Precision & Performance
Discounted Price:$3,600.00$9,000.00

Polar Eco-Impulse

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

In Stock

Eco-Innovation Meets Quality
Discounted Price:$3,600.00$9,000.00

Polar Lunar

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection


Distinct Design Meets Exceptional Performance
Discounted Price:$4,500.00$13,500.00
5 Core Polar Technologies


Whisper-Quiet Poolside Bliss

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Indulge in a serene poolside ambience with SilentShield™. Expertly engineered to significantly reduce operational noise, it ensures a peaceful and relaxing pool experience.

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Swift, Uniform Pool Heating

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Embrace consistent and quick pool heating with TriFlow™ technology. Its innovative design guarantees uniform temperature distribution, for your ultimate swimming comfort anytime.

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Peak Efficiency, Supreme Comfort

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

UltraCore™ technology sets a new standard in heating efficiency. Its advanced heat exchange system delivers exceptional energy savings and superior pool warmth.

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Eco-Friendly, High-Performance Heating

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Choose environmental responsibility with our R32 refrigerant. This green solution not only reduces your carbon footprint but also enhances heating performance efficiently.

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

Pool Control at Your Fingertips

Smart Life App Integration

Elevate your pool experience with the Smart Life App. Offering intuitive remote control, it makes managing your pool’s temperature effortless and convenient.

Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection
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Polar Pumps|Heat Pump Collection

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