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Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller

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Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller
Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller
Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller

Measuring your pool cover to ensure it suits your pool size involves a few straightforward steps. The process may vary slightly depending on the shape of your pool (e.g., rectangular, oval, round, or custom shapes). Here’s a general guide:

For Rectangular or Square Pools:

  1. Measure the Length and Width: Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of your pool from edge to edge. It’s important to measure from the inside of the pool walls to get the most accurate dimensions.
  2. Add Extra for the Overhang: It’s recommended to have an overhang of about 2-3 feet on all sides. This extra space ensures the cover can adequately secure around the pool. So, add 4-6 feet to both the length and the width measurements.
  3. Consider the Pool’s Corners: If your pool has rounded corners, you may need to adjust the size slightly to ensure the cover fits well.


For Oval or Round Pools:

  1. Measure the Diameter (for Round) or Length and Width (for Oval): For round pools, measure the diameter across the widest part of the pool. For oval pools, measure the longest length and the widest width.
  2. Add Extra for the Overhang: Like with rectangular pools, add an additional 2-3 feet around the entire perimeter (or diameter for round pools) for the overhang.

For Pools with Unique Shapes or Features:

  1. Sketch the Pool: If your pool has a unique shape or features like steps, a spa, or irregular edges, sketch out the pool’s perimeter on a piece of paper.
  2. Measurements: Measure the widest and longest points of the pool, including any special features. You may need to break down the pool into sections to measure more accurately.
  3. Consult with Professionals: For complex shapes, it might be beneficial to consult with a professional or a pool cover supplier who can provide guidance on the best way to measure and order a cover.
Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller
Polar distributes pool covers and rollers nationwide. Once your order has been received, it will be dispatched within 72 hours. With delivery schedules between two to five working days, you could be enjoying your new Polar pool cover or roller in less than a week!*
  • 48 hours dispatch applies to standard domestic covers and rollers, not Commercial products, Under Bench Rollers or Below Ground Boxes. Peak period delay may occur.
We are more than happy to provide a refund should the goods you purchased be:
  • Faulty or unsafe
  • Do not match the sample or description
  • Do not do what we said it would
  • Do not do what you asked for
Our Returns Policy includes the rights you have under the Australian Consumer Law and provides you with additional benefits in addition to those rights, because your satisfaction is important to us. What If I got the pool size wrong? If your goods remain boxed and unopened you may return them within 30 days from your original purchase date for a refund. Please click here  for further information on our returns policy.
Pro-rata warranties

Polar offers pro-rata warranties on pool covers and rollers. In the unlikely circumstance that you do need to make a warranty claim, we’re here to help you. For peace of mind:

  • All Polar products come with a pro-rata warranty which covers the purchaser for defective material or workmanship on a pro-rata basis as set out below
  • We will repair or replace the product upon inspection or photo image
  • The fine print – Polar reserves the right to refuse repeat claims of the same damage.
Warranty cover
Polar Pool CoverWarranty
600 Micron10 years pro-rata
Polar Pool RollerWarranty
5 Star Range: A75, SQ, ST10 years pro-rata
Polar Power Range: ST, SQ, & WALL MOUNT10 year pro rata (Mechanical) 2 years limited warranty (power) 1 year (battery)
Under Bench Roller UBR10 year pro rata (Mechanical) 2 years limited warranty (power) 1 year (battery)

Caring for your Polar

Without proper care ANY pool cover can be ruined in less than HALF of its predicted life span. 95% of all warranty claims are not caused by product failure, but by owner misuse such as: leaving a cover rolled up out in the direct sunlight while off the pool; and having excess chlorine in the pool – either a little too high over a prolonged period or a lot too high over a very short period. Owner misuse such as these may VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

Register your warranty online

Because your Polar can last for so many years, register your warranty online at Polar. We’ll keep all your details safe for you so you don’t have to!

Two easy steps:

  1. Scan your purchase receipt. Ensure the date of purchase is clearly visible.
  2. Go to our website, and click on Polar. Fill in the details and send!

You can staple your purchase receipt to your Polar and Warranty Information brochure for your own records. Register online now.

✅ Committed to Quality

Polar only offer energy and water efficient products so our customers can enjoy their pools for longer.

Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller
Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller
Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller
Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller

Australian Made

Less Time

Saves Water & Energy

Pool Chemicals

Stops Evaporation

Heats your pool for FREE


Polar Pumps | Polar 600-Micron Cover & Roller

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